Steel Prefabrication Plant


Top-quality steel products made in accordance with the latest standards.

Service range

  • Production of reinforcement for concrete
  • Production of reinforcing steel elements (clamps, distances for reinforcement, etc)
  • Production of reinforcing baskets for foundation piles
  • Production of reinforcing baskets for diaphragm walls
  • Production of prefaricated reinforcement elements
  • Production of steel constructions
  • Reinforcement assembly on-site
  • Steel constructions assembly

Building services

Reinforcing mesh and binding wire

Wide choice of steel products


Steel prefabrication plant

Equipped with the most modern machinery, able to create products of the highest quality.


Plant efficiency

Up to ca. 150 tons, daily.


Order documentation

With every delivery we supply a label and material release receipt with full list of delivered elements.


Automated machinery

The plant is equipped with fully automated machinery for reinforcing baskets for foundation piles production (MEP, Stema Pedax).

We are focused on producing reinforcements designed mainly for construction industry.

Our steel yard is equipped with the most up to date machinery designed to produce high quality products of repeatable dimensions and shapes. The use of professional, digitally controlled devices supported by our experienced employees, give us the assurance of a quick service while keeping high quality of our products.
We make prefabricated elements in an organized manner on an industrial scale, based on the technical documentation provided.

The efficiency of the reinforcement plant is about 150 tons per day. Using machines from renowned Italian and German companies (MEP, Stema Pedax, BVM), we manufacture products at a high technical level, with high accuracy and repeatability of shape and size.

For each reinforcing steel delivery to the construction site in the form of prefabricated reinforcement, we deliver:

  • List of items marked with the item number with the number of pieces, diameter, length, shape sketch and reference to the drawings from the technical documentation.
  • The label contains information such as: the construction site, the name of the contracting company, the number of the rod, diameter, number of pieces, shape, drawing number and name of the appropriate reinforced concrete element.
  • Along with the delivery, the recipient receives material release receipt attached with an accurate list of the quantity and weight of the delivered elements.
  • In addition, the recipient receives the required declarations of conformity and metallurgical approvals.

We have been in the
Tri-City since 2006

Earlier, under the name CSM Sp. z o.o., since March 2015, we continue our business as Katmet sp. z o.o.

We are certified with:

We are members of Polish Association of Steel Stockholders